Saturday, January 29, 2011

High expectations

We all want that perfect body right? Some would look at others and say "wow, you look amazing!" and the one who was complimented would go home and look in the mirror asking what the hell was wrong with the person who said that!

The problem is that they say things like that because compared to all these famous actors/actresses/models/singers or anyone that has the time and money to waste on vanity, we find flaws that we have and they don't. I was watching a movie recently and there was a late teen girl with a massive port wine stain on her face, she said something that so many of us can relate to. "I never thought I had a flaw until a boy in my kindergarten asked what was wrong with my face".

So think about it, would we even notice our flaws if we never had the opportunity to compare ourselves or to even have them noticed by others? I really doubt it, I never ever worried about having abdominal muscles when I was 13, I would swim at the public pools without any insecurities at all, but when I began to see other guys with more definition around their core I began to look at myself and ask why don't I look like that.

Which brings me to the most important point of this post, Sex. We want to be appealing to other people don't we? We want everyone to notice us, want us or even think about us.
As teens to middle aged people, would we really worry about our bodies if it weren't all about sex?
I believe that the only reason we worry about our bodies now is because we are (like mentioned above) constantly compared with the most sexiest bodies ever and just like you, me and MILLIONS around the world we all look at these sexy, toned fake people on t.v selling us product about how to look like them but what they never mention is, "I work out in the gym 4 hours a day - 6 days a week and I eat nothing but celery sticks".

I want to ask the world, where are all the real people? Fashion, beauty and sex are all ruled by the perfect body. But when can we rule these by just looking like us? I respect people who can be free to look and dress how they want, sometimes they pull clothes out of hells wardrobe but we need to all realize that life isn't about judging people on their flaws it shouldn't even be judged on who or what you are. I'm not saying we are all equal, just look at some people who have it all, they still want more. I draw the line at beauty, if I were to have anything more I would feel too greedy. So everyone, look at yourselves and know that you are all beautiful and also know that forget about your flaws, everyones got them and the more you have the more it makes you all unique.

Heres a fun little fact, there are 662,000,000 images of beauty on google. Just know, out of that high number 1 of them is you.


Allanah. said...

So true Dante, you're an inspiration (:

Dante Rochefort said...

yay! thanks Allanah, i'm glad theres people out there reading my blog :D

Lyndon said...

Very well said...=)