Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Perfect List

So you have heard of grocery lists? Well a month or so ago I wrote a list of the qualities I want from a potential partner. Doubting that it would come true I began writing a few bullet pointed sentences on different things I seek in a man.

1st. He likes the same music as me
2nd. He can play video games and is interested in the same ones as me
3rd. He is romantic and kind hearted
4th. He accepts me for how I look and doesn't want to change me
5th. He buys me gifts and treats me with respect
6th. He appreciates me space and boundaries
7th. He has a secure job
8th. He has a car and can drive me places when I'm lost.
9th. He wants to settle down eventually and maybe have kids.

Well every single one of these came true! I actually can say that he ticks all the above boxes.
and hopefully one day me and him can tick off number 9 together.

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