Friday, August 3, 2012

With a little imagination, you can turn plain cheap boring things into something that people adore! plus re purposing goes a long way these days too!

The Idea for the deer silhouette came from a crafter online, however the idea to paint it onto a cork board was all mine baby! If you want to re create this piece all you will need is:

1. A plain cork board (i think they are all brown), you can get them from stationary stores of places like the warehouse, if you're american, maybe try Walmart (I think Walmart is this amazing land of everything!)

2. White no gloss paint

3.Black paint, or any color that you like, what's in at the moment is turquoise, which i'm using for my next project!

4. A stencil of an image, it honestly can be anything, i chose the deer because it matches the theme of my room, plus it wasn't too hard, you could do a rabbit or even a person like Marilyn Monroe?

Firstly, paint the cork board white all over, once its had it's second coat it should look pretty good, like a blank canvas

Secondly, Sketch the image you want onto the board (I used free hand with this one as i'm used to drawing, but if you aren't too confident definitely use a stencil you found on the net.

Lastly, Paint the image onto the board, try get the edges as sharp as possible as when its blotchy it can look kinda tacky, it's going to need two coats minimum as it needs to be BOLD!

And that sums it up!, I havent pinned anything to it yet it sits on my floor against a wall but even then it still has quite an effect.

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