Friday, August 3, 2012

YAY I'm Back!

Wowza it's been a lifetime! but i'm back baby! so much has happened in this massive period of my life, I dated a doctor in which I broke his kind heart, I made loads of new friends at my new job (Wagamama!!) where I make coffee and serve people who can never pronounce the names of the dishes. I've matured a great deal and at the same time have become more immature, I've fully discovered who I am in terms of my style and taste and I've accumulated many funny stories and also sad stories but the sad stories are funny, everythings funny to me, except death. Thats a serious topic. speaking of death I've grown my hair rather long, its shoulder length which means i can give new meaning to Willow Smith's "I whip ma hair back and forth" song. Oh yeah, I am that sexy bitch you always dreamt to become. haha ignore that i'm not THAT egotistical.

So here's a brief summary of events that outline why I have been slack on the blogging.
1. Laptop tried to kill me by blowing up. Don't under estimate a laptops murderous ambition.
2. I didn't and still haven't got the internet at my house, I'm using other peoples internet, dictionary definition of such a trait: Asshole who spends his money on food and not whats important. porn, just kidding although that's what the Internets for, right?
3. When I do get internet access, events follow accordingly. Facebook, Youtube, Craftgawker, Porn.
4. I actually do have a life in the real world, that involves incredible activities of going to work until 11pm and waking up at 8 the next day.
5. I'm just as lazy as someone who would rather use the drive through even though there is 9 cars in queue, and inside there is 1 customer in queue, but is still adamant the drive through is better.

Cool, so that all cleared and all of your time wasted, I shall now post random shit and begin building up my blog again, cheerio my friends!


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