Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Australian Dancer.

So its a cool, rainy night tonight; I feel obliged to share with you another one of my completely fail stories about a positively hot guy from Australia. Sit down children and let us open the bible of unsatisfactory romantic opportunities, "lets spin this time capsule back to 2009" . I am at dance, the lights are dim- creating a romantic mood to dance upon. However there is no-one but pensioners and slutty girls to dance with. I glanced across the room and unknowingly glimpsed upon what was soon to become the lead roll in the story. The hour grew later and i became more and more jaded by the atmosphere, that was until i finally looked carefully at the 6'5'' man dancing fluently in a tight white cotton V-neck. My eyes were focused sharply on his torso and, in periods, his chiseled face with medium blonde hair illustriously shining under the dimmed lights. At this point i had a strong feeling that he was straight due to his masculine build. The night was no longer boring to me as i had found something to entertain me. I walked out into the reception room where the coffee and tea was boldly on the bench, and so also boldly on the bench was he leaning over it speaking with a member of the dancing instructors (who looked about 60 in comparison to the hot bloke that looked about 27). I was merely centimeters away from him, i made my coffee as slow as i could and eves dropped onto their conversation. I soon found out that he was Australian and that he's a real estate agent stationed in Brisbane (he's only here for a holiday ). After noticing that he was looking at me whilst talking to him i became aware that he seemed to be more interested in me than the dance instructor. I had the insane urge to walk up to him and start a conversation but i'm too shy like that so instead of walking up to him i just walked slowly past him. I glanced over at the glass door in front of me that was reflecting the two men behind my. I noticed that the Australian hottie was watching me as i left. I was far more intrigued by him now than before. I watched him dancing some more and our eyes caught each other as he was on the dance floor dancing with a woman he clearly would disown as fast as he could. By now he was looking at me any chance he could get. As he took her back to her seat like a gentleman i studied his walk and gesture as he seated her only to find that he was certainly not straight like i had earlier imagined. For starters he flicked his wrist as he smiled, and secondly would a straight guy be so intrigued by someone who was obviously playing hard to get out of his own shyness? In conclusion as the night ended and he disappeared into the shadows of the car park i couldn't help but think back at his perfect tan and hairless chest that he and i couldve of shared something that night. Other than eye contact.

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