Friday, February 5, 2010

Those attractive men, you may never see again.

Howdy, Have you ever thought to yourself, "WOW! that guy is so perfect for me", but have always been too reluctant to approach him? Then when your not busy at course or work you begin to think back to that time when you saw his beautiful face from down the street, and not long after you are followed by an emotion that brings you right down. "Man, i wish i had done something! now i'm kicking myself over it."

Everyday, i board the train. Departing from waterloo to wellington, to get to my course. Everyday i wait for about 5 minutes on the train for the the ticket conductor to come. Then as the doors open and a cool gust blows by in he comes, The totally sexy ticket conductor! Now alot of ticket people i have seen are old and decayed. but this one, well heres a brief description. Medium length brown hair, olive skin, gorgeous brown (or hazel maybe) eyes, and until recently discovered- An amazing English accent. I fall prey to accents i admit. "Tickits frum wataloo" Oh god i'm reenacting his voice! Well all i have to say is he's irresistibly delicious!

Another, that i have recently been enticed by, A busker in Wellington, And of course you are naturally bound to be presented with an image of some old hick with missing teeth and a rattling can that has money from about 3 weeks ago still in it, but this ones actually clean! He has sandy blonde hair and always wears shorts, (why must everyone be born with a tan!) This guy is certainly different to most (straight?) guys i've ever seen, he plays a Uke, and taps his feet on the ground with his bulge bouncing in rhythm to his tune. Me and Theo left course today to find him stationed right outside our building! as we leave we noticed him and instantly we bounced around more than his bulge! We were completely exited to see him! he looked up at us and smiled he has a face that me and Theo agreed could not be abused in anyway the sort of face that you just want to pounce on him and cuddle! He's so cute! I'm convinced he must think we are stalking him because we stare and he looks up and smiles at us. Theo wanted to give him some money but i thought it would be suggestive almost like paying a play the uke! LOL. Theo proposed a scenario "wouldn't it be romantic if you went up to him and said that you would give him money but you only had a credit card, so you turn around and say- all i can do is maybe buy you coffee?" To be honest, if i did that id fear rejection, and considering its near impossible to build up courage to talk to someone like him!

....That is why i am now back at the stage where i regret not saying anything haha.

Cheers xo

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