Saturday, April 3, 2010

People and their relationships

So today i received a Facebook message from an old gay friend, old in regards to us not speaking for about a year. So he greeted me with the cleche' "hey, whats up, how're you?" and everything seemed tiresomely average. Until he asked about my sex life, which in turn is as dry as my 50 year old mothers! I responded to this, most spontaneous question with, "I'm afraid thats a little private" and to my surprise his curiosity erected another unnecessary question about my horrible sex life. "What do you like to do in bed?" i was left speechless and rather insulted as i actually wasn't too keen on telling him about something that i didn't have. I said to him
"You know how some people's sex lives are dirty?...Well mine are filthy!" (terrible joke i must press!). I really wish this to be true. my idea of a filthy evening in bed would involve me with a tub of ice cream watching Bridget Jone's Diary. --Baby, I know!.

Just after asking he began to talk about himself, he stated that he had slept with a workmate of his yesterday\. I was entirely uninterested in that but then he asked another question...this got me silently frustrated with him; "When was the last time you got laid?" i said November 2009.He 'LOLED' and replied with "5 months ago!? i couldnt last 5 days!" in my head i was yelling "Well maybe not everyone has to funk everything that moves!" but i said politely, "awwh well it is hard but its also harder to find a decent man" He came off as the type to completely disregard any respect for anyone that actually had decency! And for that, i have no respect for a man that complains about not sleeping with someone for a week. I'm glad i was never like that. It certainly upsets me. But what can you do....aside from the fact when i was telling him take care, i was thinking hope ya don't get no STDs hehehe. goood.

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