Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fashion Sense

Every morning i wake up, get out of bed and gaze vacantly at my wardrobe. I sigh as i look at my full closet and think out loud "I have nothing to wear". It's so vexing to have this happen...all the time! So after chucking everything in the closet onto my bed i frantically search for that statement piece. It's SO hard to find something good to wear considering you're still half asleep aswell. So, to solve the problem i throw on some gray london style business suit pants, with a totally sexy aqua blue contoured suit shirt with a hot white leather belt with shoes to match. Complete for walking the streets of the central business district.

-However theres always that one person that looks ten times better than you. Now you have to go shopping and spend your entire pay check on a new coat to best them.

(I wish there to be a Marc Jacobs store in Wellington, the clothes in the picture to the right are exactly what i'd wear to best those unkowing fashionistas (unkowing in regards to them unaware that they look 10 times better than me!).

At the end of the working day you come home, put your clothes in the wash and do your nightly routine before waking up again the next day facing that same wardrobe. -That is unless you're too busy to have put all your clothes back after chucking them everywhere.

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