Monday, May 31, 2010

Labels over love

          So today I found a completely amazing coat, it stirred emotions in me I never thought I had! As an individual I find I can't fall in love with anyone. Clothes, such as the coat I saw at harfords reassure me there is such a thing as love. However this love can only be found through clothing. Men break your heart. Clothes just break your bank. The coat itself was stunning, grey and black small houndstooth crossed over with a check design. Double breasted with hidden pockets, so well tailored it makes the wearer seem taller and slimmer. It's exactly like something worn on Gossip Girl. Chuck Bass style.

Inside the coat, the lining is violet with floral like emblims delicately sewen to match the exteriors elegance. A must have for anyone with a  flare for high class fashion! I can't afford it this week but i'm certainly going to purchase it within the next fortnight. The cost- $495.00. I originally assumed it to be at the price of something slightly below a thousand.

(The coat in the picture is of minor similarity. The coat in the store is much much much more nicer!)

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