Saturday, May 29, 2010

Don't look now, but he's totally checking you out!

So have you ever had a really handsome man look at you whilst you are with your friend? Do you catch them looking at you, then face your friend and nod yes to whatever they were saying, then slowly look back at him in slow motion-bad acting-mode? Looking at their face, upper body, then gradually gazing down until you are suddenly interrupted by your friend saying "Are you even listening?" You nod again, then when you get the chance you take one final look and notice they are doing the same to you...but wait- you realize as your heart begins to sink- 'If i know my body, i know my ass isn't in the direction of my vastly better looking, more tanned and well groomed friend!'. This is the moment when you note that the entire time you have been scanning this completely gorgeous man he's been scanning your completely gorgeous -Taken! friend.

Now it's back to listening to your friends exiting story about how they found fluff in their belly button. I suppose if the handsome man is attracted to that. Then me and him aren't a good match!

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Anonymous said...

Oh!, Dante` your little blogs bring a chuckle of laughter into my heart! gheh heh heh. looking foward to reading your recent scandels!