Saturday, May 29, 2010

Afraid to let go?

           A relationship is often like a new pair of designer shoes.
When you see a pair that provokes an unknown desire to purchase them, you have an impulse to buy them. Or in other terms you see a man that makes your heart skip a beat. And you're desperate to take him on a date. Now you have arrived at the checkout with your shoes graciously placed in the well decorated and tidy box they came in; now you have arrived at the restaurant with your man, tidy and well presented in an Armani pinstriped suit. It's not until you take both the shoes and the man home that you realize looking at the finer details, he, and the shoes aren't exactly what you wanted. The shoes don't match any of your clothes, and the man- well. He doesn't very much match your personality. But, knowing you, you keep both the shoes and the man, afraid that if you give up the shoes some unattractive tart will be wearing them next day looking like she got her dress from a garbage can with the shoes already within a day completely destroyed. And afraid that if you lose this man, you will never find someone else. Is that why we hold onto those painful relationships? Because we are not only afraid to let go, but too afraid of what may become of us after we stand up for ourselves? -The lonely old woman with the only pair of shoes she has, are knock-offs.

Perhaps if you gave up both, you may just see that woman in the garbage can dress wearing your shoes. And wearing your man.

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Dante Rochefort said...

Btw, this post was aimed at woman. I wrote it aiming it at woman so don't worry i didn't copy it or anything :D