Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Get to know Dante

What’s your blog’s mission statement?
To show my ever-growing interest in fashion and to relate with readers how much love really blows.
When you’re not blogging, what do you get up to?
Shopping of course! I’m a street eater! I go shopping at least four times a week. I’m a bit of a geek though, when I’m not shopping, I’m usually at home playing video games or browsing the net. Food also plays a major role in my life.
Your favourite sites?
Facebook, countless friends of mine must hate me for the amount of posts I’ve shared on the site! I adore the sartorialist! His knowledge in fashion is profound! He is like my fashion Jesus.
Describe your style.
I adore practical with a modern elegant touch. I’m really business with a mix of surfer. My wardrobe is full with pastel blues and charcoal greys. I’m quite safe in the way I dress, nothing too edgy, but I aim to achieve the ‘Gossip Girl’ look. My muse is Charles Bass and Nate Archibald combined.
Which city is the most stylish?
I’ve never been out of my country, or even to Auckland. But from what I’ve seen, Milano has a great grip on style. I’d love to go one day, however I would feel a bit pale in such a tanned location.
Your fashion triumphs and faux pas?
I think that I can never go wrong with a tailored business shirt revealing a little chest tucked into some boot cut grey pinstriped suit pants. Classic look but the tailoring gives it that modern feel. Some days I feel as though I have no clothes, but that’s only when I’m on the down buzz
If you were a pair of shoes, what kind would you be?
Undoubtedly a pair of Burberry heels. I love the sharp heel that create that sheer vertical look. I adore the way the Burberry models wear vintage socks with their heels too.

Favourite spots to shop?
Kirkcaldie & Stains is my one stop shop for all designer clothes from Versace to lacoste. Only problem is, once I’m in the store I need to buy almost everything. It’s where my bank balance hits rock bottom and my passion for fashion reaches an all time peak!
Where is your common hotspot hangout?
You’ll always find me on Lambton Quay’s CBD, I spend a lot of my time at borders and you’ll always see me at the sushi bar.
Where do you hope to be in five years?
I love fashion, I expose myself to as much fashion as I possibly can, I want to work in a fashion magazine or to dress people. I'm not fully sure but I certainly want a career involving clothes. If I can even get a job!

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