Thursday, June 17, 2010

A touch of yellow

   It's winter here, the smell of rain and cigarette smoke fills the air. Handsome men and pretty woman fully clad with vintage trench and pea coats flood the wet glossy streets. Everyone rushing to get indoors to their businesses newly installed heat pumps. Some aren't prepared for winter, some only have summer garments. But me, I love winter, I love the warm knits, the cosy cardigans and the well cut trench coats. During winter everyone wears these well, however the one shade I always see is black. It's depressing in my view. Winter is a cold, wet time of year. And so this is the worlds biggest excuse to look warm. Wearing black looks so cold though, that is why when a collegue of mine was in Wellington I noticed her belt was yellow. This touch of yellow instantly warmed her entire outfit up. Regardless of the many layers she was equiped with, that little yellow belt made a warm, healthy difference.

(Yellow on a dark wet day will always bring not only a smile to your face but to others who might walk by.)


Social Butterfly said...

I'm telling you now Dante, that the big bright coloured rain coats are making a comeback. Mark my words they are making a serious comeback!!! Just take a look at the awesome example on The Sartorialist. One word for that man-AMAZING!

Dante Rochefort said...

Lol Eve they made their comeback ages ago, just look at "World" and "Yves Saint Laurent" they've had bright colored coats around for a long time. :)