Saturday, September 4, 2010

The golden age of Dettol

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    More and more am I becoming vexed by the use of Dettol (antibacterial disinfectant) in everyday life. I feel as though we are living in a golden age of germ and bacteria FEAR! Our children will get sick if they don't wipe down the phone before they call their friends. The middle aged will fall ill because they swiped their credit card without disenfecting it first. The elderly will become brittle if their tea cups at cafe's aren't boiled to a thousand degrees in the dishwasher before their Lady Gray is served to their immaculate standards.

Whereas there are the normal people, the ones that would kiss another, without disinfecting their lips! They don't care if you have cleaned every single archway right through to accent in your home. They aren't necessarily going to come into your house and touch every piece of decor to see if you missed a spot.

This brings me to something entirely perplexing; teenage germ fear. I was walking along the beach with two other friends of mine. The day was surprisingly sunny, strangely enough for Wellington weather. The sun was beaming down upon us as we walked along the pier. The seagulls scavenge amongst the dirty wastes lining the shores. I'm sure any Dettol enthusiast would have a field day testing out their products on the germ infested garbage. However NOT for me and my friends as we were happily walking along enjoying the weather, that is, until I asked if they would be up to walking in the sand with nothing but our bare feet. Instantly they jolted with the response I was unhappy about hearing. "Ew no, thats so dirty, theres so many germs on the beach".

Now at first I tried to persuade them; they were as stiff as a dead rock. Then they carried on walking back to the car. Me, in deep thought over the issue I began to pace slowly behind them. Thinking to myself, 'When I was a kid id never wear shoes, the feeling of the different textures felt so natural to me. So why now is everyone so worried about germs on their feet!? It's not like we eat using our feet. Perhaps in some cultures?'.

So in my conclusion, I ask the world. Have we gone too far? I fear not the bacteria, but the future of our perception on lifes little things.


Anonymous said...

so true, however nowadays people are not quite as mindful of others - people do not cover their mouth when sneezing and coughing - they infect others with a cold and flu and think nothing of it there are so many people living in NZ and we seem to have forgotten common courtesy when one is sick!! stay at home and get well!! this can we also due to affordibility (limited sick leave)? and what did our mothers tell us? " dont wipe that there get a tissue" "dont drop that there put it in the bin" if people would pick it up and follow simple requests made by our mothers and grandmothers we would not have all the drama we do now - sure we would still have germs but not half as many as we do now - as for germs in the sand ?? well that can be a problem when inconsiderate drug using idiots leave behind what they forget to take with them in the first place AGGH needles - i have found them on the beach regularly - this is most disappointing to the natural beach enthusiast and it stops you from wanting to walk in the soft warm sprinkle called sand.

Dante Rochefort said...

I agree with you fully, in regards to your opinion I relate with what you said about nowadays the germs are more out there and noticed, In the history of man, such as the old english of high stature and what not, would always use tissues and what not, due to their social standing and perhaps elegance in a sence. These days alot of us aren't brought up in hugh mansions with gold decor. We just live life day by day, and don't really care if we sneeze on one another. And as for the beach part, I'm indeed shocked to hear that. Its unfair on our children. Soon beaches like that would be Uninhabitable even to pests like seagulls. The world is truely different to how our ancestors used to live.