Friday, September 10, 2010

Woodville, small town- huge history.

     Recently my Grandmother Daphne passed away, this called for me and my mother to visit her hometown, Woodville. It was a 2 hour drive from Wellington, no pitt stops for ice cream like I remember when I was young. We arrived early in the afternoon on Sunday. Pulling up to an isolated motel on a street named something seemingly similar to a street off the movie and popular game "Silent Hill". (like my alliteration of the letter S?).

The motel owner was well into his 90's, shaking hands, sun spots- all indications that he is a well weathered resident of Woodville. Me and my mother went shopping around the local antique stores. We picked up a few 50's fragrance bottles. In which my mom is beginning her collection with. I got a cool Wedgwood styled cologne bottle (I'll post the picture when I get a camera). 

I have to admit the coolest thing I got when I was up there, was a few pictures of my family. from a photo album in my Grandma's old flat. The pictures are of my mum and her brother Alan. And of my Grandmother herself - Daphne. Who in admittance is really beautiful. her style suited the times, she was always up with the fashions and she knew how to flaunt them.
I love the way my grandmother looks in this picture, so ready for summer!
My mother when she was 4 and my Uncle Alan wearing an adorable Pea-coat and matching hat

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