Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One way Street

      It’s not hard to imagine that for most, being in love with someone and knowing they will never love you back is a hard and torturous burden. But with time this burden lifts. However not with me, I finally found my Mr. Perfect. Only thing is I’m apparently far from being his Mr. Perfect. He, admiringly is the most stunning and lovely guy one could meet. He has the perfect attitude, he always smiles and giggles at the smallest of things. And to top it off he is absolutely beautiful! Only thing is... (No, I’m not going to say he’s straight, because he’s not.) He’s just not that all into me.

Last night I was in bed. Thinking about him. Not in the sexual way you creeps. I was thinking back on what my best friend told me; who I might add is very good friends with him too. “He’s only into straight guys, right now he’s really in love with a straight guy”. I understand what it’s like to be head over heels for a straight guy. Gay men usually go for straight men, either because they are brought up around them. Or because they find the masculinity an appealing factor. Regardless, we still can’t have them. But for me I found this out the long hard way just like most.

So last night as I was thinking about him, I said under my breath, he should just give up. Because a guy like me has gone through the pain of loving someone they can’t have. It's the eternal damnation of love that comes to us all. He’s just, well, he’s just too perfect to go through that sort of pain. I just hope one day he realises that he should be a bit more tactful about his actions and perceptions involving straight men. Even though I can’t have him, I still want the best for him. Judging by my own past experiences he still has ALOT to learn about relationships. And still so do I.

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