Friday, November 5, 2010

Working my way up

Its Friday the 5th today, Guyfawkes and the day before my 18th birthday. I'm Currently at work as a solo receptionist for Tepapa's staff entrance. It's been a comfortably busy day today. I spend a majority of my time at the desk saying continuous "Hi, hello, morning, hiya and good afternoons" to the point of me running out of the good stuff - oxigen.

So here at my desk is my Ipod connceted to the internal speakers playng all my favourite tracks from Noisettes to Sara Bareillis. To my right is English ELLE and with the page opened to the artical 'My best summer ever'. My note pad is filled with dozens of well shaded and well over done drawings of the same person.

The main reason why I am writing today is to say that I had a rather young, near 30's Gentleman come in today to enquire about waitoring. I helped him out by contacting suitable extensions. On his departure he asked for me to write him down a contact detail for a woman here. Hayley, I wrote. He gazed over at the many images I had drawn today and then back at the note I had given him. He looked at the Y writen in the name and said to me in his (I pressume) Italian or French accent and said. "your Y's...Are very artistic :)" I was thinking the way he said it and his body language meant that he could possibly had been gay? Hmm who knows. I just hope he comes back because he was totally CUTE!!

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