Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Camera!!

      Ok so it was my birthday yesterday. And here I was thinking it may be crap because no-one was coming and that I had no presents to look forward to. But to my surprise my brother had got me a new digital camera! So from now on my blog shall be filled with glorious pictures and glorious posts about love and fashion :D

So here are a couple of pictures of random crap...
Milo. He's getting old but he's still so cuddly!

A tree in my yard, reminds me of the coldness of winter. Even though its almost summer!


Little Mell said...

i remembered your birthday :) without any help from facebook, i hope it went well :)
your photos are lovely

Dante Rochefort said...

Aww Mell! follow me!! and thank you so much, I wish it were that you could've come around. thank you, but youre photos are 100% better :D