Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cat Mouse Cat

       So there’s this adorable guy at my course that all my closest friends know I like. It’s been half a year and my crushing on him is still strong. Only one problem, he has a thing for a female friend of mine. Typical. How do I know this? Well I believe the signs are clear and perfectly show that he’s interested in her, not me. For instance he Facebooks her constantly and he always gazes over at her. These are just two of the many things he does to get into her pants.. or skirt...

In the past I mentioned a post about a friend I had that was being checked out by some pretty hot guys across the room. When I presumed they were checking me out. Fail. Well this is the same dilemma, but with a different friend. I have since considered making friends with all the ugliest people. Hopefully then I wouldn’t have so much competition. Ironically I would undoubtedly still be the one that never gets checked out.

My friend, whose name I shall withdraw from this post; knows she’s being checked out by “Adorable Guy” and thinks that he is entirely and utterly heinous. Much to my disapproval on her opinion I am still upset over the fact that he wants her, oblivious to her NOT wanting him. To that thought I stress that he can have me instead! But we all know in life that’s not always the case. It’s like a twisted game of cat and mouse. Except I’m the cat, chasing the other cat that’s only after the mouse. If only that cat knew the mouse is only set on one thing. The Cheese.

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