Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mr. Tauranga

         When I was fifteen Mr. Tauranga stole and smashed my heart. He and I met via Bebo. It was my first ever relationship with a male, I soon found out that I'd wanted it to be nothing but my last. He went by two names, the name I became accustomed to was Riley. However this was nothing but a cold, empty alias with no meaning at all.

His real name was Levi. It was he that had stolen my heart, Riley was used to cover up his closeted sexuality. "I'm not yet out to my friends and family in Tauranga." he told me. He went on to say, "That's why I use this fake Bebo account, to be discreet about my sexuality."

Months later, after harshly disowning him as a potential partner I discovered he had actually only created a fake account so that he could slut around, without the knowledge of his friends, family or perhaps even current partners?

We dated for roughly a little over 2 months. One day I asked for him to call me, he did, after several minutes of waiting (maybe 25 mins?). He was in Auckland A decent drive from his home in Tauranga, he had told me that he was visiting a friend at a hotel....

At 15, I may have been a little immature, but I certainly wasn't dumb. I knew what was going on. He was behaving suspicious. And I was onto it. Weeks later his texts began to deplete and my suspision began to increase. Dramatically. I took action by investigating his Bebo account. I saw that he had a slutty looking guy as his "Other Half" (term on the site used to set either a close friend or Veeery close friend as 'Important' for all to see). I knew something had been going on, all this time I was stupid enough not to end it when I had my first suspicions. In the end I had sent a text to him saying my goodbyes. He replies with Huh? I never txt back. I don't text two-timing idiots.

As a colleague of mine said to me. "All my ex's are either dead or overseas. that's where they belong."

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