Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why do we bother?

   All the straight girls complain that all the hottest guys are gay- the gays are always complaining that all the hottest guys are straight and the straight guys are all complaining the hottest girls are lesbian! It's never ending! Personally I think men in general are conceited dogs, only out for what they can get. And it perplexes me as to why they aren't ever happy with just one person. I found it to be rather common that girls who were in straight relationships change to being in a same sex relationship solely due to the relationship not working out on the male side of things.

So I want to ask the world today, why do we bother?
Is it because we don't want to appear lonely to the other members of the pack?
Or perhaps we just evolved to be co-dependant?
Honestly speaking though, I believe that the ones on this planet who don't give a stuff about relationships are evolved to a far greater degree as to the ones who rely on the comfort of others to get them through the days...and lonely cold nights in bed. ;)

Being single opens your eyes to what the world is really like, you see the pain, the happiness, you see the lonely and the promiscuous. And then you think to yourself watching re-runs of Will and Grace; why am I still alone, can't I be in a relationship like those in the movies?

I decided that I shall give up on love and all things to do with it. Its insufferable and entirely disagreeable. Especially because I have tired from seeing all thins to do with love. I have heard that when you search for love, It won't come and when you gve up trying love slaps you in the face. I seldom agree for this to be an appropriate myth. Its just like saying if I give up on the lottery I will randomly win it one day. But, in some cases it may be true.

And yes indeed I stress that I may in later days contradict myself by saying I have found love 'accidentally'. However I can only yet find it to be accidental if you fall into a cliche of 'knocking over your high school crush whilst they hold obscure amounts of library books then assisting them up, gazing into one-anothers eyes'. But perhaps romance has changed slightly since the 90's stereotype of preppy high school love. Now all we are left with is the undignified gentleman who portraits that of a sloppy porn obsessed freak who dominates the adult shop on the corner of that creepy dark alley way. Maybe love shall be found in todays times by repeating history, only now I knock him over whilst he grasps obscure amounts of OBSCURE pornography movies in his hands. How romantic I might add. god....Why do I bother?

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