Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pro's and CONS of love :)

For once i'm not going to ramble on about guys and gals. Because we can't always be worrying about them, everyone needs to once in a while worry about themselves. So in response to this I would like to post about where I see myself a few years down the track.

Seeing as I have been so unsuccessful in love, I've subtlety adapted to the comfortable idea that life might be better single. Even though this argument has many pro's and cons I'll lay out the batshit obvious reasons why. First, pro's to being in a relationship; If he has a car you've got free transport, if he's got a job, you've got a man that aint no bum. And if he's got an amazing personality, you should just shoot me in the face now.

Cons to being in a relationship, you have to take him everywhere like Paris Hilton and her creepy dog thing. You have none or liminal freedom (mwahah slave!). And if he's too clingy to his own mother like my father was when he was young he can stuff up your dreams because he is too afraid to leave Wellington incase he gets taken out of his mothers will. Thus making you stay in Wellington and having to refuse the job of being a television news presenter in Auckland!!! Thanks dad, now my Mum has to work in retail with mental customers who buy christmas trees a week before christmas and return them on boxing day, as if that AINT DODGY!?

So there are many ways to look at a relationship. But, we never know what might be the pro's and con's you uncover of each individual man out there. Good hunting everyone :)

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