Sunday, January 16, 2011

The romanticism of video games

      A long time ago I played a PlayStation 2 game called Ico. I fell into the awe of it's stunning scenery and environment, like most games of its time the graphics weren't too fantastic. But what they don't have in graphics they certainly have in plot.

From memory the story involved a young girl that was isolated in a massive castle that was inhabited by many dark shadowy creatures, that constantly attempt to extract the girl in white from the hands of her young savior. The reason why I find it so romantic is that they desperately try to escape, knowing that eventually after hours (possibly days) of running through the empty courtyards of the immense castle they will find freedom. It's sad though, the girl always gets pulled away from the boy, continually calling out to her, he courageously tries to get her hand back to his. When successful, the reality of it all is that he will be soon faced with the same never ending disposition. 

His devotion to her security is so admirable. He sacrifices so much for her and she sacrifices so much for him. That's why I find it romantic. Today, we have built up this divine idea that we will always find someone after a relationship ends. So we don't really bother sacrificing much for love because we know it nearly almost never works out. 

I'm going to conclude this post with the ending of the game. They make it out. After all the suffering and hardships the two were burdened with, they survived it all with the tight grasp of each others hands. But, to the misfortune of them both, the castle was collapsing, and the boy had been knocked out. The girl in white was alive, but had been drenched in darkness. Carrying her savior (and possibly lover) to the boat to save him, you could almost feel the sadness she would've felt as she knows she's become a shadowy creature like the beasts that she was previously protected from. As the boy unconsciously drifts away empty handed the girl stands back and watches. Aware that she's to be exiled alone in this massive kingdom forever. Then as this is all happening the sad and enchanting music plays. One of the saddest things of all, to go there in hopes of rescuing the damsel, going through isolation and hell just to free her and to only end up leaving her behind with no possible way to help her.   

                                                       The things you sacrifice for love...

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