Friday, February 11, 2011

Afraid of loving you

    Lying in bed, I'm thinking to myself about a song playing on my iPod 'Afraid of loving you by Devics'. The title strikes a question in me. Are we afraid of loving people? I don't just mean the beginning of the story where we are unsociably nervous towards our crush, sometimes to the point where we would say something to them by text message and then re-read it 2 times to analyze what we just said to them. 

When I think of being afraid of loving someone I think that for the person to be saying that, they must be thinking of the end result of past relationships. Take me for instance, I hold back my feelings due to my past flings with guys, I've never been in love, the irony of it all is that I write a blog about LOVE when I've never even been in love!

Getting back on track, It's certain to be concerned about how a relationship may end up, we all don't want to be hurt, but we can't also control who we love. Love is one of the most unexpected things in the world. Love is a blessing and a curse. And love is uncontrollable. And through relationships we find different things in people to love. But if treated badly, our love for people can turn to hate.

We need to just live, and let know that if we spend all our life worrying about how our relationships will turn out later on we will eventually only learn to hate ourselves for not living in the moment. And not letting ourselves love. Because like I mentioned before, it's an uncontrollable desire. And worrying about being hurt will only cover it up like using a bad concealer. 

So prepare to be hurt in life, but by being hurt and shattered into a million pieces our love grows stronger. And we learn to fight back with tears in our eyes, knowing it doesn't hurt as hard as it did the first time you tripped and fell for that jerk called LOVE.

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