Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Russian

It was late thursday night, I was out on the town with a few friends, I'm fantastic so I can get drinks for free (mwhaha) so by about 11:30 I was feeling it. We made our way to Wellingtons gay bar to have a few drinks and a dance. We all sat down surrounded by a vintage pool table and played truth or dare, of course the dares and truths were all erotic but that didnt bother us.

The mood was mellow, the lights were dim, and the music was down low due to the fact there was about 5 people there. In walked a pretty decent looking guy, he worked at the club. He was starring at me and I looked up a lot just to see if he still was when he started walking towards me, my heart started beating faster as he approached me. "shit! what do I say... - what's he going to say!.... oh crap he's putting out his hand for me to reach and grab it. Here comes the unexpected series of events that will probably follow."

I stood up, looking at my friends giggling anxiously (It wasn't funny but I was really scared so I couldnt contol my shy laughs). "Hi :)" he says, "please come dance with me" I looked at him and replied with an embarrassed 'okay'.

So we danced, his eyes fixated on me as i desperately tried to get the attention of my friends who seemingly sat miles away. I issued a "COME!!!" and to my dissapointment Theo and the gang just laughed and carried on playing truth or dare whilst I was left dancing with some drunk russian guy.  I managed to get them to come up and dance. I only wanted to feel comfortable.

The night ran on, we were back on the couches, with an extra person in the gang, Ross. He was from czechoslovakia, he was really nice, I was also assured by the bar tender that he was lovely too. after spanking my ass for a number of about 6 times that night we decided to simply chat, Theo started by asking how to say "you are beautiful" in russian. Ross said a whole bunch of words and then held my ahnd to tell me the translation, his accented voice whispered "You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen". Theo asked "What about me!?" Ross turned to Theo and said casually, "yes you are beautiful, but he (Dante) is MOST beautiful." this ofcourse, put me in a great mood! haha.

He honestly gazed at me the whole night, he had a beautiful smile, stunning bluish-green eyes and a tan and from what I felt, a toned body. He was very well dress also. We danced again, this time he grinded up against me which was.....yeah it was pretty freaking hot. We ended up making out, I was being such a slut and my excuse was "I NEEDED IT!" and god did I enjoy it.

The night came to a close and so did club ivy. We were on the empty street ready to go home when he asked "what happens now?" it took about 2 hours of sorting out how he's getting home, he asked if we were okay so many times. He wanted nothing more than to go home with me. I figured out his game. If I didn't go home with him he would play the lost-russian-too-drunk act. And this basically means "I'm not sure what you mean, and I don't remember where I live" after being really stealthy theo managed to snatch his phone and gave it to me to check who I could contact, I checked his inbox to see his previous messages and to see if I could any details out, thankfully I managed to find a messgae from someone named Dannii it said, "if you get home late please dont wake us up."

I text them saying "Hi, got Ross here just trying to get him home, he wont tell us where he lives, we're gonna get him a taxi." he replied with the details, and about 30 mins later we got a phone call from him, we sorted everthing out and even though Ross was upset because I sorta ditched the idea that I was going home with him, he still managed to get in a taxi and get home safely.  I'm just sad that I didn't get his number, and if I get to see him again I would say sorry but at the same time expect a thank you only because we spent 2 hours trying to get him home safely.

I still want to see him again so I'm going back to the club next week and hopefully he'll be working. He was really handsome, and at the same time really nice but we'll see how it all goes later down the road with taking anything further. Hopefully he doesn't hate me for ditching him, and hopefully it as all just lost in translation...

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