Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Russian part DEUX

      The story continues, I mentioned that I thought I would never see him again. I was wrong. And I've never been so happy about being wrong in my life! My great friend Theo was casually walking down the street and long behold, he bumped into Ross! He spoke to him and got his number for me and his name so I could add him on Facebook. I rushed home in EXTREME excitement so I could call Theo to give me a re-cap of every small detail.

I nervously texted Ross. Waiting minutes before I would get my high again, (my high would be anything from a simple hey there from him.) When I got his text I couldn't wipe the smile off of my already smile jaded face.
He typed me a story, which I loved to read over and over. You know when a guy is interested in you when they text you a really long message, and if they don't. well they just send you boring messages with little to none info. Seeing as this was not the issue It made me feel I was living in a romance movie.

I said to Ross that I owe him a coffee and that it's my treat to take him where ever he wants to go. So hopefully now we are going to have a coffee date this thursday, coffee date...just saying the word date makes me happy. The funny thing is though, we made out and  everything so why am I so nervous? ....If we ever kiss again, it's going to be the first REAL kiss.

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