Saturday, February 5, 2011

loving them because they listen?

So, imagine talking to a really decent person, the conversation kicks off as it would with any other person, sure you think they're pretty hot but you don't know if they like you. They ask about your interests and seem to really enjoy listening to what you say. The more you talk to them the more you feel connected to them, so what i'm thinking is, do we just like them because they listen to us or is there something else involved?

Sure looks go a long way, but when the person listens to you and actively takes part in getting to know you, then that just takes it to a higher level. I met a decent guy online, he messages me often and we chat for hours, I'm certain he's straight, but certain is a word that lacks security, I've never met a straight guy that's so nice, so perhaps that may be why I really like him.

Anyway, all i'm trying to say is that it's possible we fall for people due to the needs of us wanting an outlet of our emotions. And if it just so happens to be a hot guy then that increases the chances of us falling for him.
heh, well thats just an opinion anyway.

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