Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Russian part TROIX

    The Russian aint Russian. He's actually Czech, he informed me.
SO, we went out for coffee, It was a latte and that latte turned into a "Dante, would you like to go for a wine?" and I replied with confirmation and he asked where would suit me. In my mind I was desperately thinking of a romantic place to have a quiet drink, and a place that wasn't filled with drunken saint Patricks day enthusiasts. I thought back to when I was studying at my old course, right next door was a building from the early 1920's being done-up into a classy bar, I really wanted to go because I had never been before. He took me there. As we were walking, he was telling me everything about his country and about himself, I managed to find out a lot about him from the 10 minute walk we had, He works part time as a kitchen hand at a small cafe and part time as a glassy at the local gay bar, but I already knew that :P

His voice made it so easy to become fixated upon what he was saying, he asked me a few times if I was bored, I was far from ever being bored! In fact, I was secretly having one of the best nights of my life.

We arrived. I said to the female bartender how stunning the place is and she agreed, It was probably one of the most romantic and elegant buildings in Wellington city. Perfect for our first real drinking date.
We seated ourselves down upstairs in a spacious room, and gathering from the appearance it reminded me of something like a French renaissance mansion mixed with an English country club. He purchased a bottle of settlers hill (I think it said hill, or lake or something along those lines) chardonnay, roughly 30 dollars, I bet the owners bought it from the supplier for 5 dollars hehe.

I didn't really expect it, but I was getting drunk. I have to admit that I'm a very classy drunk, I'm well poised and not rude at all. contrary to how I am sober! I think being drunk reverses the effect!
It was really nice finding out everything about him, he told me his real name -actually showed it to me on his passport, it's too hard to remember, its like rossarfbkjsvkjs, not being rude I honestly can't remember it. He also told me about the Czech people, how its rude not to by them a drink in return, I said to him that I had no money to buy him a bottle in return! but being the pro that I am, I said "well, how about I buy you dinner next week in return?" He said he'd love to.

The night came to an end, and I had to figure out how to get home, he was worried for me, which was really good because he's got a naturally caring attitude which is a major attractive thing I search for in a guy.

Managed to get home okay, and so did he, but thinking to myself now about how he may have felt about me, I started feeling a little insecure; "Did he think I was ugly, too talkative! does he even want to see me next week!!" I was picking at every thought, desperately worrying about what he thought of me. But now, 2 days later I decided that I am completely fine if he doesn't like me in return, I'm used to that feeling, however, I really like him so even if we don't fall in love, at least I have dinner to look forward to next week at the end of a hard day at work, and I get to listen to his amazing stories again, just thinking about him puts a smile on my face, knowing that i'm risking falling in love with such a perfect guy, but i'm still going to be happy that I met him no matter what happens.

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