Monday, September 5, 2011

Next chapter

     At this stage of my life, i'm starting to open up to more that's around me. being single is a great way to go out and experience the world on you're own without the safety of a partner to rely on.
And I've learnt that giving up doesn't always mean you're weak. Sometimes you're strong enough to let go... 
So here's to new beginnings and new adventures as another chapter of my life has ended and the next is just unfolding. 

September is in full swing and with the smell of spring in the air I thought it was a great way to change things in my life. I have since broken ties with Ross, from whom I have moved on from at the start of August. It's taken a while for me to post again but since then life hasn't really been worth mentioning as there hasn't been much going on.

Just as a headsup, I'm from here on changing the look of my blog, I am starting fresh with all sorts of things that make me just as much an individual as the billions of others out there.
-So enjoy the next chapter of my life, and lets hope it's exciting and adventurous!

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