Sunday, May 1, 2011

My prince charming

It's been a month since my previous post so I wanted to update anyone who's reading of how things are going with my man. And to put it into the simplest of words. Perfect. I couldn't ask for anyone better and even though its been just over a month I can safely say he may just be the one. 

However. The fairytale that we all wish for is not exactly perfect. Considering it's ideas have changed and reality has hit us. And the sad truth of it all is that the time I share with my prince is seriously limited. We're talking upto 3 months until he needs to go back to his country!

I'm enjoying every moment I can spend with his as it's our last, but at the back of our minds we both know it's all going to end eventually. The only option to be able to stay with him is to be married to him, which the idea of it really excites me, but I'm not sure if i'm all that ready to be considering marriage, I'm thankful that we haven't yet came anywhere near a fallout so If it stays that way then I'd happily consider marriage but at this moment in time I'm still living in the present.


Cross-Eyed Morgan said...

Wow man, that's awesome! Just keep in touch and maybe you or him can move and see each other untill you are ready (totally fair enough that you're not ready now!)

Kelly said...

Not to be a party pooper or anything, but being married doesn't necessarily mean he can stay. Peter and I looked into this. You need to have been living together for at least 12 months and provide every sort of documentation you can think of, bills with both your names on, letters proving your relationship, photos, testimonials from family etc etc. Hence why I left New Zealand with Peter. Maybe he could apply for a visitors permit, or a student's visa, but the relationship visa won't be possible :(

Anonymous said...

yeah its annoying, the reality of it all. I have been discussing this with him a lot recently and everytime we talk about it, it comes back to "I have no way to get a job over there." chances are we may end up spliting apart. Even though thats completely not what I want.